Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras: Island Retail

Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras: Island Retail

The play area is equipped with slides, swings, and other play equipment, and is supervised by trained staff to ensure the safety of the children.

In addition to its shopping and entertainment offerings, the mall also has several services that cater to the needs of its customers. These include a bank, a pharmacy, and a post office. The mall also has ample parking space, with several levels of parking available for customers.

Overall, Gaisano Grand Mall Mandaue is a shopping central that offers a wide range ofGaisano Grand Mall Guimaras: Island Retail

Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras is a shopping mall located in the province of Guimaras, Philippines.

It is the first and only mall in the island province, providing a convenient shopping experience for the locals and tourists alike.

The mall is owned and operated by the Gaisano Grand Group, a leading retail company in the Philippines. It opened its doors to the public in 2018, offering a wide range of products and services from groceries, clothing, electronics, and entertainment.

One of the unique features of Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras is its design. The mall is built with a modern and tropical-inspired architecture, blending well with the island’s natural beauty. It has an open-air concept, allowing natural light and fresh air to flow freely inside the mall.

The mall gaisano grand mall has three levels, with the ground floor dedicated to retail shops and restaurants. The second level houses the supermarket, department store, and other specialty stores.

The third level is where the cinemas and entertainment center are located.

Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras is not just a shopping destination but also a community hub. It provides job opportunities for the locals, as well as a venue for events and gatherings. The mall has a spacious parking area, making it accessible to those who have their own vehicles.

The supermarket in Gaisano Grand Mall Guimaras offers a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, and seafood. It also has a bakery, deli, and pharmacy. The department store has a variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. It also has a home section, offering furniture, appliances, and home decor.

The mall has a food court and several restaurants, serving local and international cuisine.